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German Courses for Refugees

FeuerwacheNew German classes available

At the end of this year, we will start offering basic German courses for refugees in Plauen from Syria, Iraq, Iran or Eritrea.

The aim of this course is to provide you with basic German language skills focused on communication. This course will be free of charge and consists of maximum 320 units of 45 minutes each. If you are interested in such a course you can register yourself as an interested person below.

Our goal is that every participant reaches an A1 level during this course and you will have the possibility to get certified as a solid basis for further German courses and an entry point into German job market or for higher studies after completing C1 level.

  • 3 different courses will start in calendar week 53 /2015 and are planned to finish in calendar week 16 / 2016.
    • each course consists of 4 units every day from Monday till Friday
    • Course 1 is a mixed courses in the morning (max. 15 participants in one course).
    • Course 2 and Course 3 are mixed courses in the afternoon (max. 15 participants in one course).